I always was attracted by the trees: their strength, their verticality, the drawings of their branches, but I had never painted it. Until one day, I saw a picture of a huge oak tree, magnificent. I was deeply moved. After, traveling through the south of USA, I could see, touch, and feel those “sleeping” trees, which branches are so heavy that, instead of reaching the sky, give up and are lying on the ground to welcome you to rest on them. For a while, I let them sleep in me, as usual, waiting for the moment to paint them. When I started painting the “Sleeping Trees”, I could feel their heaviness, the fight of the smaller branches and nods to reach something, the abandon to the gravity, to the “let it be”. Peacefully. 

Then, working with this running ink on the waxed paper, I discovered also that the trees and branches could dance under my brush, even sometimes recalling human figures, playing this hide and seek game that I like so much. The “Dancing Trees” were born, creating the movement between the branches or even a Ballet with different trees.